The most elegant & refreshing aperitif

For all our cozy fun times together

Julia The Birth, beer, bier, apero, aperitif

If you love her, here’s what you should know:

We offer you a double-fermented blond aperitif, that has a fresh and balanced palate with hints of fruity flavors, slight bitterness and velvety taste!

If you care about details, here’s what you should know:

Julia has gone under top-fermentation and re-fermentation in the bottle. It is infused with Cascade

and Amarillo hops; the fruity elements of Julia.

Brewed with malted barley and wheat, its appearance has become slightly cloudy.


Its soft finish makes it the ideal thirst quencher!

5,7% ALC/VOL

25 IBU


Julia’s Sunny Joy is a brewed aperitif with one clear objective: bringing the sun into your glass!

First, a tropical mixture of citrus aromas explode in your nose,

generated by the unique combination of Simcoe and Citra hops.

Second it’s all about the crisp and clean palate of this bottom fermented lager.

Finally with its cloudy appearance and soft finish, Julia’s Sunny Joy is the ultimate refreshment!


Yellow like the sun

4,2% ALC/VOL

24 IBU


Julia Sunny Joy, beer, bier, apero, aperitif


It's what's on the inside that counts

Founders of Julia Belgium, family, happy, team

For a long time, Julia missed a deliciously brewed aperitif

everywhere she went.

10 years ago, Julia was created by Thibaut Lateur (Julia's brother-in-law) in his basement.
She was totally blown away by this deliciously brewed aperitif 
So they put their heads together and involved her husband,

Mathieu Lateur, and her brother Emmanuel Claerbout.
Julia is the creation of a top family team that complements each other at all levels!