Meet Julia
Founder Julia Belgium (Julia The Birth)

Julia missed an elegant, brewed aperitif at home, on the menu, at parties and social gatherings. 

It was her idea to bring a brewed aperitif,
which is brought with more style and elegance,
which is also very accesible in terms of taste
and moderate to low in alcohol.

​Julia offers high quality at a Belgian gourmet level.

Not the traditonal Belgian style.

This is the personal project of a Belgian family including Julia herself, who wants to share what she loves. 

Beer, bier, apero, Julia Belgium, summer
Friends of Julia Belgium, happy people, summer

Julia likes to create happiness and unforgettable memories.

Julia loves elegant, trendy gourmet aperitifs and food.

Julia loves being around people and to share these moments with her best friends and family.

Julia is about life.